Don’t be squeamish, don’t be uncomfortable, and don’t be old fashioned.  The bidet is one super item for the master bathroom.  Why you ask?  Comfort, hygiene, and just plainly stated, essential!  Bidet systems are available in various formats.  One system is a toilet/bidet combination where the bidet features are built into the toilet itself. Toto, Duravit, Inax, and Geberit offer these products.  Pricing can range from two thousand dollars up to five thousand dollars.  Now before you say that is ridiculous, break it down dollar wise.   An average price for a toilet is approx 400-700  dollars.  The average cost for a bidet is approx 350 dollars.  The bidet faucet can add from 450.00 up to 1200.00 alone.  A little simple addition will tell you that the difference between an all in one product vs. two separate items is not as much as you might have thought.   You can also consider a bidet seat, which has allmost all of the functions that the standard bidet would have.  It is simply a  separate item.  These seats fit on top of most toilets and offer all the functions, from various cleansing features, dryers, deodorizers, and even heated seats.   The price range on this material can range from approx. 700 dollars up to 1200 dollars.  This type of item is more frequently used when there is no space for a separate bidet.  Once again, Toto, Duravit, Inax and Brondell offer these type of products.  The European and Asian markets have used these products for decades.  America is a bit  puritanical though and sales have lagged for many years.  Hardware designs sells it share of bidets and bidet seats, but the full potential  is a long way off.  We  feel a little education is worth it.  Stop by and see the products that are currently available in  this necessary category.  You can visit us online and go the appropriate category and do your own research.   email

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