Complaint #1:  My toilet constantly runs.
Complaint #2:  My toilet is not efficient, and usually does not flush completely.
Complaint #3:  It is hard to find parts and once I do, the cost is prohibitive.
Complaint #4  My plumber’s charges seem unfair to me.

       I have been selling toilets here at Hardware Designs for over thirty years, and I can say without a doubt there have been substantial improvements in flushing technology.  Since 1991, I have been a proponent of Toto toilets.  The reasons for my advocacy of Toto is simple,–THEY WORK!!  Toto began to produce 1.6 gal flush toilets in the early seventies.  Water consumption in Asia is always a hot topic and America was rather late getting into the conservation game unfortunately. Today, Toto is pioneering the concept of 1.28 gallons per flush or even dual flush toilets that vary from 1.0 to 1.6 gallons.  Toto also offers various heights to
accommodate various  requirements by the consumer.   Duravit, Kohler, American Standard, Porcher among others, have all jumped on the bandwagon. and aredoing theri best to emulate Toto. But lets face it,  Toto did it first, and they do it  better. Most of the product is manufactured in the States now, so that is good
news, and parts are readily available.  Soft close seats add  some piece of mind for  those who are  light sleepers!  There are many style to choose from, and pricing is  competitive.  I believe that Toto truly answers the first three questions shown above,  as the answer to number four requires some better bargaining on the
part of the consumer.  You can see the complete Toto line by visiting our website  If you have a question for us, email us at

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