Toilet Seats That Don’t Wake Up The Dead!!!

So it’s 2:00 A.M. in the morning, and nature calls.  After  doing what had to be done, I flush my Toto toilet and give the toilet seat a push in the downward direction, and ever so slowly it lowers to the rim of the toilet.  No boom, bang, “honey, you’re waking up the dead!”  Some months back, I visited this decorative hardware and bath place in Fairfield, NJ, called Hardware Designs.  Trust me, you have never seen a showroom like this one.  A zillion faucets,  hundreds of sinks, accessories, and enough door and cabinetware to blind you for a month!  Best yet they had toilets that flush.  Brands like Toto, Duravit, Porcher, St.Thomas, and more, adorned the floor for me to sit on!  Yup, that was embarrassing!  Ah, but the soft close Toto seat caught my attention, and I knew right there, that my wife would be even happier than me!  It was easy, not expensive, and I even installed the toilet by myself.  You just have to visit this place, and inspite of what one might think,  they were cheap!!!  Visit them online at or email them at

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