Tomorrow’s Outlook?—“Showers!!” (at Hardware Designs)

One thing is for sure, showers are not great for your outdoor plans, but showers are of super importance to your indoor plans!  If you are redoing your bathroom, or planning new construction, Hardware Designs truely understands showers, perhaps even storms!  From thermostatic valves and volume controls, to deluge shower heads, hand showers, body sprays,  and steam generators, Hardware Designs of Fairfield,NJ makes indoor weather happen!  Bring in your plans, bring in your ideas, bring in an open mind, and let’s explore the possibilities together.  Our working shower displays are the most  unique in the USA, and our selection is second to none, that is for sure.  With over 800 faucets to choose from, think of the matching materials available in your shower.  It is truly endless.  Take a look at our web site, and click on bath and explore all the avenues available to you today.  You can email us at  and give us your thoughts” and as for opinions or pricing options.  We look forward to hearing from you, or better yet pay us a visit at 135 New Dutch  Lane in Fairfield, NJ.   

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