Toto is not the

Simply stated, Toto works! I had to purchase 4 toilets for a apartment renovation, and my illustrious plumber told me to purchase only Kohler. I, a total neophyte, know notta about toilets! I asked some friends their thoughts and 3 of them told me to visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. I got off my salty butt, and drove over there, not next door mind you. I was not dissapointed. This place is w.c. heaven. Toilets everyone, from Toto to Porcher. From Duravit to St.Thomas. I “sat” on them all. Hey, they all felt the same to me, so function is what it is all about. Seems from what I have read, and what I have been told from friends, and salespeople (not that I totally trust them,) Toto rules. Toto certainly had enough styles to select from, and Hardware Designs had them all in that gigantic showroom of theirs. I went with it, Toto that is, and I can vouch for all the folk that suggested the Toto line. Those toilets do the job, quickly and quitely. Go do what I did or see it all online at the Hardware Desigs web site. or email them at

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