What is a towel warmer.  Seems to me, that when you jump out of the shower, and your towel is warm—-for three nano seconds—that spending umpteen buckerooskies on this type of product can be sort of upsetting, unless, you understand the real function of a towel warmer.  The real deal is that this product dries your towels, so when you want to use it again after your bath or shower, your towel is dry, fresh, and not smelling like a mildewed closet!  Sure warm feels nice, but dry, well that is where it is at!  Some units are actually designed to heat your room as well.  Runtal, and Myson specialize in flat panel units that do just this along with the basic functions.  You can buy them with a timer to save energy as well.  So now you know the real deal.  See the full collection of towel warmers at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ or see them online at  For info email them at


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