I have often wondered just what the true purpose of a towel warmer is.  Sure, you step out of the shower, or the bathtub, and you wrap yourself of in a nice warm towel.  A wonderful feeling indeed!  It does not last very long though, so you have to  wonder just what the investment is all about.  The truth is, that it allows you to have a dry towel that was used either the night before or earlier in the day.  Some folks have a mildew issue, as their bathroom’s are dark and warm, which is a perfect environment for mold and mildew, which does not take long to establish itself.  With a towel warmer, you can rest assure that mildew and mold won’t have a chance.  Your towel is not only warm, but more important dry,  with no smell.  Towel warmers today come in so many finishes, from polished chrome to oil rubbed bronze, with just about any other finish you can dream up.  Sizes are very variable. Short or tall, wide or narrow, there is a size that will work for you.  There are those that want a hydronic system, which hooks up to your hot water system, while others want an electric system.  Both can be hooked up to timers. so you can have your system cycle during the day.  They cost almost nothing to run, and it allows you to recycle your towels without having to a wash after each bath/shower.  Towel warmers were predominantly made in England, but now they are made in various countries.  Since America is so price conscious, China is now making the once very costly units, very cheaply.  You can have quality units from 400-700 dollars, while the more involved designs can still cost quite a bit, especially if they are done in a more custom finish.  Hardware Designs displays quite a few, from various origins, and at all price points.  You can see it all online at or you may email us at  Mr.Steam, Vogue,  and Myson are some of the lines displayed. 

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