Tub Filler question?

Who out there knows what the code is for tub fillers, be them from the wall or the floor, or from your tub deck for that matter? I visited with Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ and got an earfull about meeting NJ plumbing codes. I was strongly suggested that I either consider a balancing device, or a thermostatic device to control the temperature of the incoming hot water. I do not know about this law, but the HDI sales folk were insistent on adding this item to my quotation. These items are not cheap, but I admit that safety is important. I know it is my decision as to whether to purchase this type of product, and failing a plumbing inspection would cause a delay in construction, and really add to costs if I fail to do the right thing. Is Hardware Designs correct. I would appreciate anyone’s response. The Hardware Designs web site is www.hardware-designs.com if you care to understand this for yourself. I thank Hardware Designs for the information one way or another….as it is unusual for a sales organization to give a darn!!

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