America has always relied on either natural wood vanities with the basic wood tones, or the alternative of Thermafoil, a vinyl lookalike, with natural wood coloring.  While the ‘foils’ do indeed mimic wood, the more unusual color offerings are rarely used.  That is until now!  Some of the lines being offered at Hardware Designs, such as Sonia,  and Keuco, do indeed have some rather striking colors.  The European community has be awash in colors for many years, and America has been slow to catch on.  I would say that in the last several years, as the more clean look as gained momentum, colors have begun to make their presence known.  Sure, they can be striking, and when taken by themselves, seem a tad out of place, even to this writer.  But when taken in context with the rest of the bath fittings and tile, the results can be rather striking.  I recently did a job with the customer insisted on a turquoise vanity, and frankly, since it was for the master bath, I had some rather negative feelings!  The job was completed, and I was asked if I would like to see the finished bath, and out of curiosity, I decided to make a house call, and see the results.  White subway tile, polished chrome faucetry and accessories, the turquoise vanity and and artfully hand painted freestanding tub, made this bath outstanding.  Sure it was whimsical, but the overall vision was just wild and inviting.  It is nice to be wrong once in a while!  This bathroom would not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure was not the usual mundane redo, that just cleans stuff up!  This bath was invigorating.  There are many colors to  select from, and some of them are really “out there” but who is to say which color works for you.  In the future, I will welcome those jobs where  unusual color plays and essential role.  Have a look at these two lines at and see what you  think and email us your thoughts at, or simply use the contact page.

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