Vanities: Inexspensive imports vs. U.S. custom made

So, what do you think?  Should you go for the cheap inexpensive model or perhaps spring for the good stuff?  Well, my job is not to tell you what to purchase, as our company, Hardware Designs, sells both!  My job is to tell you the differences that exist, and once you are educated, you can make the appropriate decision. So, I will begin with some  vanity construction facts. Many, if not most imported vanities use 1/2″ chip core or  MDF interior melamine, with a finished exterior.  Most higher end manufacturers use 3/4″ furniture grade plywood finished inside and out.  The vanity bottoms of most imports are melamine as well and are constructed with butt joints and stapled.  Good furniture grade will use 3/4″ furniture grade plywood bases that are dadoed into the sides, and glued and screwed to add to stability.  Many imports use suspended drawers on epoxy runners, while most of our better U.S. products use steel ball bearing slides with soft-close full extension capability.  Frequently, imports use drawer bottoms that are literally 1/4″ cardboard!  Our domestic product will, more than not, use fully finished plywood bottoms.  A lot of our imports use inexpensive hinges, while lines such as Vanity Flair, use European 170 degree steel hinges, with soft close, and six way adjustability.  I suppose I could go on and on, but the above just cracks the surface of the main difference.  Our U.S. product uses formaldehyde free plywood, which is something many imports can not boast.  Custom colors, custom sizes, and various forms of distressing if requested make the decision easier to make.  At Hardware Designs, we offer vanities from around the world, of varying qualities, but with the information given to you above, you are better equipped to make an intelligent choice for your vanity requirements.   

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