How much is that doggy in the window?  How much should a vanity cost, and what are the primary differences.  For this purpose, let’s use a 48″ vanity that might be proposed for someones powder room.  Many questions come to mind, among which are quality, construction materials, mitred and glued joints vs. stapled, wood species, finish quality, type of drawer slides as well as hinges, and most important–price point.   The first thing to deal with would have to be size, and whether this vanity will fit snugly between two walls, or open on one or two sides.  There can be some savings if some sides don’t need to be finished.
Next up is to try to determine which wood species is appropriate.  Each species handles stains quite differently. Cherry, walnut, oak, maple, or some other exotic wood might fit the bill.  The type of wood used does affect the price as well.  The type of finish is important when making a vanity selection.  You might desire a smooth finish, or perhaps a distressed  finish.  Your selection  might include distressing or even some hand painted embellishments.  Of course, price is one again affected.  Next up is shape. Should you use  a vanity that is straight across or perhaps bowed?  How many doors or drawers are you looking for?  What should the height be?  If you are tall, perhaps a total vanity height with a top included ought to be in the neighborhood of 36″ or even more.  If you are not endowed with height, perhaps a vanity tailored to you particular size would be appropriate.  Depth of our proposed vanity is equally important.  How much room do you have, or how much clearance from  the front of the vanity to let’s say the shower or toilet for that matter.  At least three feet would be nice, but that is why custom vanities can be made more narrow.  Since each vanity will  have to accommodate a sink, depth is an important subject.  When going narrow, wall mount or side mount faucets come into play.  Are you crazy yet?  Do you want your vanity up on legs, or even wall mounted?   If to the floor, do you want a recessed toe kick, so you can stand close and not scuff the wood?  How about matching wood mirror frames, or frames that accommodate medicine cabinets.  Obviously, this list goes on and on, but one thing is for sure, if you are creating a vanity that will last for many years, do it right and don’t compromise.  You truly get what you pay for. So, if you are in the vanity market, do your homework, and know in advance what you need.  It will make the selection process not only faster, but more enjoyable as well.

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