BainUltra of Quebec, Canada, has partnered with Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ to establish their concept  of therapeutic care in the home.  Vedana is a word that means sensation or feeling according to the Bain folks.  This sensation refers to the state where we become conscious of our connection with the universe and the communion of the physical and mental being.  The Bain goal is to create harmony with the body, mind and soul, or simply stated, total relaxation.  When the Vedana concept was presented to me, I admit to being rather skeptical, but once you experience this therapy, you will realize just how out of touch we have all become with our own bodies. Daily work habits and stress make our lives overly complex and filled to the brim with nonsense.  Vedana is designed to help us slow down, and enjoy the concept of well-being.  Using this product daily or at least several days a week is both a treat and therapeutic. Sounds can carry you away, while fragrance and warmth and color enhance the experience.  Vedana has several programs, or  you can create your own, but whatever you choose, you will be rewarded with relaxation and replenishment.  It all sounds like hocus-pocus, but believe me when I say it is not.  We all need to slow our lives down and reconnect with what is both relaxing and  restorative.  I invite any of you reading this to stop by and see what we have created here at Hardware Designs.  Experience this for yourself.  Try it out and enjoy.  Slow your life down, and live life without all the daily nonsense.  It is rewarding.

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