If I could write this blog while sitting in my steamroom I would certainly do it!  I purchased a steam generator from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ recently.  I was shown two units two units to consider. One from Mr Steam, and the other from Steamist.  Both companies offered super product at reasonable pricing.  It was all based on the cubic feet of my proposed shower that I was constructing.  I have granit walls, two of which were exterior walls of my home. After  the sales associate made the appropriate  calculation for the correct steam generator, he brought up the options available to me. Option one was aroma therapy.  Interesting but—–naw! Not for me!!  The second option was a sound system for the interior of the steam shower!  Got me!  I am a sound freak.  I love music to the nth degree.  I purchased an ipod docking system with specialty speakers that get attached the rear of the shower wall…that makes the whole wall a speaker!!!  Don’t ask, but the sound is mind blowing.  I am singing in the rain…and worth every penny!  See the demonstration at Hardware Designs or go to their website, www.hardware-designs.com.  You can email them with your shower specs and they will quote you online as well.  info@hardware-designs.com.

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