Water Purification and Hardware Designs

Before you go out and purchase your next case of bottled water at Costco or wherever, consider cleaning up your drinking water for about 75% less dough.  You can do products for the kitchen only, with a small pure water dispenser, or you can purify and even condition your whole home for far less than you think!  Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, has been in the water purification business for over 25 years, and while we don’t advertise it, it is a sensible thing to do both financially, and bodily.  When you buy bottled water in plastic, you really have no idea what you are drinking, and there are certainly enough bad reports about plastic containers, and water that has been overheated in these containers as well.  The systems we sell from Environmental Water (EWS) offer various degrees of filtration based on your requirements. Their whole home purification and conditioning systems are priced about the same as a standard water softening system.  These larger systems are based on usage and requirements along with incoming pipe sizes in your home.  Stay healthy, eat,drink and clean with pure, conditioned water without salt.  Stop by Hardware Designs, and have a representative explain these systems to you.  If you calculate what you spend on bottled water, home systems pay for themselves sooner than you think.  Visit us online at www.hardware-designs.com or send us your thoughts to info@hardware-designs.com

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