Water purification and softening

I stopped in at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ recently to purchase a new faucet for my kitchen. After making my selection the salesperson asked me about water filtration and I looked at him like he had two heads. I have well water and never thought about water filtration, the salesman told me about all the possible nasty things in the water and how filtration will eliminate them from the water. The salesperson also showed me whole house filtration and conditioning units which filter all the water in the house and also will soften the water. What I found interesting was the fact that I spend extra money for organic produce then rinse under non filtered water which probably puts back all the things I was trying to eliminate by buying organic. Needless to say I purchased a filtration system for my drinking water and probably will purchase the whole house system in the near future. Stop in or check out the website at www.hardware-designs.com or for information info@hardware-designs.com    

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