What does Lalique and Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ have in common?

Faucetry, that is the answer. Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ offers the complete THG line from France, with all their unusual Lalique designs. More important, they put their money where their mouth is….they display this stuff!! The THG display alone is worth a mint!! Shown at their New Dutch Lane location are the Metropolis, Naiade, Oceania, Panthere, Papillon, and Venice designs. You can see it on their website www.hardware-designs.com or get some info from them info@hardware-designs.com. They are most helpful and priced right. Lalique is not inexpensive mind you, but it is truely unique not to mention stunning. You name the finish, and THG offers it. I did the Vencie design for a Powder room, but had I needed it for the master bath, the Venice came with shower materials, tub materials, accessories, cabinetware, you name it. This stuff is beyond the normal and hey, you only live once!!!!

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