What kind of bath do I want anyway?

Confusing stuff.  Air bath, or “air masseur” as the distributor called it, whirlpool, soaking bath, cast iron, acrylic, volcanic stone,  or some other substance known only to some chemist somewhere.  How does one make an intelligent decision about this stuff.  I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ with the idea to spend the least I could and get the most bang for my buck.  There were so many on display that confusion instantly set in.  I forgot the basics, that being, what size could I fit, and what made me comfortable.  I walked around for a bit, and made some mental notes, then went back home and broke out the measuring tape.  I can fit just about anything it appears, but with that said, what did I really need anyway.  I revisited the showroom this past Saturday, and asked for sales help.  “Take off your shoes, and let’s see what fits your needs!”  Huh?  Take of my shoes, and get in?  I think not was my comment, but after some coaxing I was in the men’s  department and Nordstoms and trying on all the configurations.  72 x 42, 72 x 36, 68 x 39, 60 x 60, you name it.  It seems that large, even though doable in my space is not what makes me comfortable.  It was all about the placement of the drain, and the bottom length of the bath that really mattered.  Arm rests, that were strategically placed made all the difference.  After all, reading in the bath is, for me, wonderful.  Did I want jets, for the intense massage, or did I prefer gentle air massage?  The sales associate asked me if I was interested in a combo tub that offered both.  I choice the air bath as it was easier  to keep clean and more pleasing to my eye.  I really did not like looking at lots of jets, and with the air system, you see almost nothing.  Multiple speed, heated, programmable, etc., this bath was for me.  It was comfortable and priced favorably.  The salesman was not pushy, and was genuinely getting a kick out of my decision process!  I looked at Aquatic, Bain, Jason, and  Hydro systems, all fine lines and competitive with each other, but the Bain folks were so helpful both online and “live” on the phone, that they were my “shoe-in!”  Hardware Designs does them proud.  They are worth the visit.  www.hardware-designs.com  info@hardware-designs.com

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