What’s in a Door?

Buying a door, for the exterior or the interior of your home or office, is not as simple as it sounds.  The composition, the style, the measurement, the installation, the quality, the finish, the exposure to the sun, not to mention the price are all factors you will have to consider when doing your investigation.  Too much sun usually means fibre glass is your probable choice.  If you have adequate sun protection, wood doors can be stunning and the selection is limitless.  Jeld-wen has a selection that is most respected, and the options for each door are endless, and they are in the fibre glass business as well!  Today it is hard to tell the difference between wood and fibre glass!  Wood doors from Architectural Traditions offer some unique styling with a true southwest feel for those that like a more rustic style, but they do have some true classics as well. 
Once you have figured out the door, you have to deal with an appropriate hinge selection,  not to mention a lockset that is sensible and secure.   Will you select ball bearing hinges for squeek free operation, or a more standard hinge.  How heavy is your door, and obviously its size will determine the size of the hinges you  need to hang this door.  Will the hardware be tubular or mortise?   For those of you who don’t  know the difference, it is substantial and warrants a carefull explanation from a experienced sales associate.  Mortise is a far better choice, but installation and pricing is definitely a factor here.  I can tell you that this form of locking mechanism will be 2-4 times the cost of standard tubular locks, but the security and functionality can not be beat, and therefore well worth it.
All exterior doors have to be weatherstripped properly to save energy and therefore money, and there are many forms of weatherstripping available.  Door saddles can vary and works hand in hand with the weatherstripping.  The casing around your door can add a lot of dimension to your selection, as well as dollars. Sidelights can be added and can even be functional as well, and once again cost can be a factor.    Hardware Designs offers a great selection of exterior and interior doors in its Fairfield, NJ showroom, as well as a huge selection of door hardware, including bumpers, hinges, flush bolts and kickplates.  We offer interior doors as well from various companies,  including Bolection and Haring.  We are worth your time, if you care to pay us a visit!
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