I spent the last few weeks researching   for the bath renovation i am about to undertake.  This project is long overdue, and I have be told to visit  numerous showrooms here in NJ, none of which remotely interested me in terms of display or staff—-that is except for one.  Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. This place is a mind blower!  You walk through the door and are assaulted with more stuff, from tubs to faucets, accessories, to toilets, door hardware to hinges, and kitchen stuff that is endless, not to mention 8000 gazillion pulls and knobs to wade through!  The thing that comes straight to mind upon entering this place is money.  Most of what they market can be considered high end, but if you do your homework, and compare apples to apples, this material not only lasts forever, but looks great forever!  You do get what you pay for, and copies made overseas, are exactly what you think they are,  that being cheap knock offs.  Maybe that stuff is appropriate for your guest bath or basement bath, but for the master bath—give me a break.  I selected a line called Dornbracht from Germany.  Simply stated, beautiful, expensive, elegant, worth it! A copy is a copy, and there is no copy to equal what Dornbracht produces.  I got what I paid for, I am happy with it, and thanks goes to Hardware Designs for helping me specify this material along with all the other great services they offered me.  You have to visit them!  You can find them online like I did at www.hardware-designs.com or even email them at info@hardware-designs.com .

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