When Renovating it never pays to be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish.

If you’re contemplating that long overdue bath renovation and haven’t been inspired by what you’ve seen after visiting a number of showrooms we’d like to suggest that you visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. For, bath as well as kitchen products, architectural hardware and interior and exterior doors, their showrooms truly stand apart from the competition. A huge array of products are on display…from tubs to faucets, accessories to toilets, door and cabinet hardware to hinges and kitchen products, the selection seems endless.  And while the presentation may make you think they’re the high-priced spread, the reality is quite different if you do your homework and compare apples to apples. It is true that at Hardware Designs you’ll find only quality products. The reason for this is simple – these products not only look good, they last virtually forever and won’t disappoint you. The old adage is quite true that ultimately you get what you pay for. Poorly rendered copies made overseas, are exactly what you think they are…cheap knock offs.  That being said, you may be able to get away with them in a seldom used guest or basement bath, but for the master bath or often seen  powder room, something more substantial is in order.  Take the Dornbracht line from Germany for instance.  Simply stated, it’s beautiful, elegant and not inexpensive, but clearly worth the price. You will get what you pay in performance, durability, beauty and longevity. Twenty years from now you’ll still be happy with their products. And, that’s only one line from the hundreds of world class manufacturers we represent and showcase. Please stop in or visit us online at: www.hardware-designs.com. We’re also happy to answer questions via email at: info@hardware-designs.com. We’ll make your renovation painless, and more pleasant than you ever thought possible.

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