When you can’t find what you want, BUILD IT!!!

I have been selling decorative bath materials and door hardware for almost 40 years, and there is rarely a bath I can’t improve or a door hardware problem I can’t solve, and frankly I am proud of it! Enter Jimmy from NYC late last week. It’s late in the day and Jimmy has a distinct issue for his long but very narrow bathroom in his 57th street condo. He has a “bigger” issue though–that being he is 6’11” tall. His hands look like catcher’s mits!! He is single and about 40 years old, and has no intention of being married and I have no idea of the relationships he is in. I mention this stuff only because of his height and his desire for a vanity that is 42″ tall and only 17″ deep. It is a double sink vanity as well,and 94.5″ long, meaning he wants two sinks. Obviously a 42″ tall vanity is rather unusual, and hence the thought about who else might be using this bathroom. It should come as no surprise to you to know that we had to build this vanity for this gentleman! One more item of note should be mentioned here, and that being he likes the baroque style. I would have guessed by his manner of dress that contemporary was his thing, but I was wrong, way wrong. I gave he desires some thought, and spend about 45 minutes showing him about 40 vanities in our showroom to see if anything touched his sense of taste. James liked a little touch of this and a little touch of that, but nothing gave him the so called “warm fuzzy,” so out came the pencils and the sketching pad. I decided to use the Vanity Flair company to put together a vanity that made some sense to him. Legs from vanity A, and door styles from vanity B, and some decorative embellishments from other vanities within the Vanity Flair collection. When doing a narrow sink, which had to be under-mounted, we had the option of doing a faucet coming in from the side of the sink, as there was no room in the rear, or doing a wall mount faucet. This is still up in the air as we don’t know what is inside the wall from a building done over 70 years ago. Regardless, we have come up with some very old world ideas form both Rohl and THG. Phylrich also has some nice baroque styles available for the project, but we shall see. We will need the shower materials as well, including the thermostatic valves and volume controls, along with the body sprays and hand shower. I convinced him not to use an overhead shower as the ceiling is cement, and I don’t want to open another can of worms. IN our vanity we will build in two medicine cabinets and more wall mount storage for some of the smaller items we all amass in our lives. Sure, this custom vanity is very pricey, as it is most custom, but the outcome will be stunning, as I can vouch for Vanity Flair’s perfection and quality. I am looking forward to seeing this project completed, as I will have my camera in hand. I did mention the size of his hands and next we have to build him some custom door hardware. He finds all the door levers out there far to short to accommodate his larger than life fingers and palms, but I will save blog for another time. www.hardware-designs.com info@hardware-designs.com


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