Anyone building or renovating a home always has a decision to make regarding the master bathtub, if there is room for one.  Should I purchase a whirlpool, or airbath, or should I just buy a soaking bath without all the nonsense.  All my friends who have done renovation say they never use their tubs and should have never purchased the jet or air systems!  Perhaps a wild and crazy shower with all the bells and whistles is a better idea.  Think of seven or eight foot shower with  a deluge shower head from the ceiling, body sprays, and a hand shower, and maybe even steam!  Well I make a poor judge, but for the amount of time I have spent in my own whirlpool over the past 20 years, it was a bad investment.  Then again, what if you are one of those arthritic folks where nice warm water with air massage really helps you out.  Perhaps you are the weekend warrior type that needs a jetted tub to ease the pain of a strained knee joint.  Could it be that resale has raised some concerns in your mind about what the value added might be with a great whirlpool.  Are whirlpools expected to be in all homes today?  These are tough questions, and certainly personal, but I for one would not listen to anyone except yourself.  What is it that you want and not what your builder or designer or architect wants for that matter.  For me a great shower system would rule the day, with the added steam.  For those who love to bathe,  Bain Ultra or Aquatic Industries, or even Hydro Systems has some great designs with super features.  They are worth checking out and even climbing into to see if they fit!  Tubs are like shoes!  If they don’t feel right, get out and get into the next one.  One of the reasons Hardware Designs sells so many tubs, is that they display multitudes of tubs for those tub lovers.  If the shower is your thing, well get ready for all the working shower heads, and body sprays at their Fairfield showroom.  They do know their stuff and are more than competitive, with a great tech staff to back up the sales force.  So, tub, or shower, it is your choice only, but get the facts at Hardware Designs. www.hardware-designs.com  info@hardware-designs.com

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