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It’s holiday season, and my home needs a gift.  What is truly needs is a total makeover!  Getting down to reality, I will have to settle for some new cabinetware for the kitchen along with a better faucet and soap pump.    Upon arriving at Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, a receptionist makes me a fresh cup of coffee, and I help myself to a piece of pecan pie!  Next, some old acquaintances walk through the door to do their thing as well.  Chat, chat, chat, yak, yak, yak, and what was More

The blog title is what it is really all about. I suggest that the owners of Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ change their name. They made my bath renovation project simple. I needed everything, from faucets to whirlpools. From door hardware to steam generators. From accessories to cabinetware. Shower doors, thermostatic valves, undermount sinks, toilets, vanities and god knows everything you could imagine. They made it easy, not cheap mind you, but easy. They simply knew what they were doing, and took away the More

I need 4 vanities, and all I can say is price rules.  Now, quality does indeed play a role in my selection, but pricing seems to have fallen across the broad for economic reasons.  Should I sacrifice my pride and buy an import from the far east, or should I buy American?  Is the quality that different?  I visited Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ and they vanities from around the world on their display floor.  Any thoughts out there about what to do??  I welcome your blog. www.hardware-designs.com


I live in a 120 year old home in Northern N.J. My doors were probably replaced way back in the 1930s, and they are in marvelous condition. The interesting thing is that this home has lots and lots of double door entrance ways to bedrooms etc. etc. More important is that they are “rabbited doors!” Where does one find replacement hardware for this application. The doors all have so-called mortise locks in them, many of which are shot. I know this is More

Faucetry, that is the answer. Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ offers the complete THG line from France, with all their unusual Lalique designs. More important, they put their money where their mouth is….they display this stuff!! The THG display alone is worth a mint!! Shown at their New Dutch Lane location are the Metropolis, Naiade, Oceania, Panthere, Papillon, and Venice designs. You can see it on their website www.hardware-designs.com or get some info from them info@hardware-designs.com. They are most helpful and More

Think Cabinet Hardware. In this economy it’s daunting to think about completely renovating a kitchen. I was torn between  a complete renovation or a quick, painless freshening up to get me through the next couple of years. When I finally decided on the interim freshening, I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, to take a  look at their truly amazing selection of cabinet hardware. It would be an understatement to say that I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer More

So it’s 2:00 A.M. in the morning, and nature calls.  After  doing what had to be done, I flush my Toto toilet and give the toilet seat a push in the downward direction, and ever so slowly it lowers to the rim of the toilet.  No boom, bang, “honey, you’re waking up the dead!”  Some months back, I visited this decorative hardware and bath place in Fairfield, NJ, called Hardware Designs.  Trust me, you have never seen a showroom like this one.  A zillion faucets,  hundreds of sinks, accessories, and enough More

Doorstops are usually an afterthought, but certainly a neccesary one. So before you put a hole in that freshly painted wall, consider doorstops one of those little details that you cannot overlook. The problem is, where do you find them. Have you checked out the selection at your local big box store? Not much to choose from, and even if they have the style you need, they probably won’t have the finish you’re looking for. So what’s the answer? Hardware Designs, in Fairfield NJ. More

The Powder room is the room that your guests will use.

It should be fun and interesting. This is the space you want to show off; it should reflect your personality.

You might want to do a sink made of metal from Elite Bronze or a stone sink from Stone Forest or how about a sink More

I am about to purchase a steam generator from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, and I was rather impressed with a concept called Chromatherapy. Colored lights in the steam shower or whirpool for that matter. Watching it with the showroom lights on, meant nothing to me. The salesperson lowered the showroom lights and jezzzz!!! Suddenly I am enveloped in light blue! I actually stepped into the steam unit that was operating…clothes and all! I was amazed at the smile that came upon my face! More

A bathroom becomes a statement. Your own space created by you. A wall hung toilet is uniquely different and beautiful. Hardware Designs Inc. offers Duravit wall hung toilets and Geberit wall carriers. Installation is easy and drainage and venting is no different than a conventional toilet. If you are looking simple and clean lines a wall hung toilet is the way to go. Stop by Hardware Designs showroom and see them for your self or visit them on their website More

The simple truth is yes!  Vessel sinks began their invasion about 20 years ago.  Cherry Creek, now  known as Vitraform, was a small obscure line of glass from Colorodo.  It arrived during the late 80″s, when the economics seemed to say glass was not now!  But beauty and innovation ruled the day, and glass sinks, in-spite of their cost became a staple that continues today.  The line of glass  sinks greatly expanded, and other companies joined  the game.  Alchemy glass, Bear Creek, and Gravity Glass went in pursuit of the lucrative More

I am always in the market for “stuff!”  Stuff like toilet seats, or stuff like switch plates.  Stuff like towel bars, or stuff like replacement kitchen faucet cartridges.  I wind up shopping all over the place, and most plumbing suppliers could care less about what I need, and when someone takes the time to research my requirements, the price is totally unrealistic.  My cousin had recently done a bath renovation, and suggested I visit Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, and let me tell you just this—“they got stuff” and then some.  More

I actually allowed my plumbing contractor purchase my faucets, shower valves, toilets, tubs, and all the other nonsense you need to refurb a bath.  Sure  I gave him a budget and the basic idea of what I wanted both style wise and budget wise.   I do not know where he made his purchase, but since he never finished my job and disappeared, I have entered the market place looking for accessories to finish up.  I have been everywhere, for towel bars, rings, paper holders, hooks and shelves, etc. (accessories for the More

Hardware Designs of Fairfield,NJ. has decided to enlarge the Edgar Berebi collection of cabinetware and appliance pulls.  The original display was truly substantial, but he new display presentation is nothing short of amazing.  We will be adding a new collection of interior door hardware by Berebi shortly as well.  With the amazing amount of finishes  and designs Berebi offers, there is literally nothing left to the imagination when it comes to the ornate designs now being offered through this line of material. Along with the thousands of other samples on display More

I was in search of a new kitchen faucet but not in the usual polished chrome or satin nickel finish that seems to be in unlimited supply. I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ and they  showed me exactly what I was looking for. I ended up purchasing a kitchen faucet in a finish call clear coat matt bronze from THG, it is a beautiful dull finish in the, I would say antique brass finish. I absolutely love it, so if you are looking for faucets in anything other than the norm More

So, you go to your local plumbing showroom, or the local home depot, because you need a new, and functional shower head.  You look at all the selections, from Jaclo, Kohler, Dornbracht, Rohl, and a host of other fine manufacturers.  You select the one that has the pulse, needle and fine spray adjustments, and you make your purchase.  You bring it home, unscrew the old head that is totally caked with calcium from our fine water supply, and re-thread the new head onto the existing shower arm.  Time to take your More

As a salesman that has been in this business for 17 years I enjoy when a client comes in a little frazzled and I am able to calm their nerves. This was the case recently when I had a gentleman come in, who unfortunately was a victim of the economy, his wife was away on business but left the kitchen renovation project for him to handle. The first thing I did was calm him down as he was a little overwhelmed, we made all the selections including stainless steel sinks from Julien, More

I just purchased a new steam unit for my master bath at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, the salesperson steered me to a unit by Mr. Steam and am I glad he did. I went the whole 9 yards on this steam unit. I purchased the steam unit with the optional chromatherapy, speakers and aromatherapy to create my own personal spa. Thanks to Hardware Designs for leading me in the right direction. Check them out on the web at www.hardware-designs.com or for more information contact them at info@hardware-designs.com

Beautiful sink above, ugly plumbing below? Not any more.  Recently, I installed a beautiful vessel sink, and hadn’t considered that my P trap and water supply would all be visible.  A quick trip to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ was all it took to show me that the many pitfalls of installing this type of sink can be easily resolved.  From an aesthetic standpoint I wanted the P trap and supply lines in More

How much is that doggy in the window?  How much should a vanity cost, and what are the primary differences.  For this purpose, let’s use a 48″ vanity that might be proposed for someones powder room.  Many questions come to mind, among which are quality, construction materials, mitred and glued joints vs. stapled, wood species, finish quality, type of drawer slides as well as hinges, and most important–price point.   The first thing to deal with would have to be size, and whether this vanity will fit snugly between two walls, or More

What does the holiday season and Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ have in common?  Well actually, quite a bit!  Personal magnification mirrors, shower heads, or even a new kitchen faucet can make an unusual holiday gift,  Give your wife or husband a break with a 3,4, or 5 power mag mirror.  Great for shaving or make up.  A great new shower head with multiple functions adds  pleasure to all  those who are tired of their old, clogged up, functionless shower head.  In the ktichen, your old kitchen faucet has been longing to More

I recently purchased new master bath faucets from Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ. I purchased faucets from a company called Phylrich from their Ribbon and Reed collection and I wanted cabinet hardwrae to match. The problem was the finishe that I chose, which is Satin Gold with Satin nickel highlights. The salesperson pointed out that Phylrich has the matching cabinet knobs to go with my faucet. Thanks to Hardware Designs for making my life easier. Check out the website at www.hardware-designs.com or for more information contact them at info@hardware-designs.com




One thing is for sure, showers are not great for your outdoor plans, but showers are of major importance to your indoor bath plans!  If you are redoing your bathroom, or planning new construction, Hardware Designs truly understands showers!  From thermostatic valves and volume controls, to deluge shower heads, hand showers, body sprays, and steam generators, we make indoor weather happen!  Bring in your plans, bring in your ideas, and an open mind, and let’s explore the possibilities together.  Our working shower More

Who would have “thunk” that a medicine cabinet company would make a unit that comes with a built in fridge? Robern, of course. Sounds silly no? Well if you have one of those homes where it is a long walk to your kitchen from your bedroom, and it is late at night, the house is cold, and let’s face it, you are “out of it” but you need some meds or something to snack on for medical reasons. Robern came up with this odd More

So it’s 2:00 A.M. in the morning, and nature calls.  After  doing what had to be done, I flush my Toto toilet and give the toilet seat a push in the downward direction, and ever so slowly it lowers to the rim of the toilet.  No boom, bang, “honey, you’re waking up the dead!”  Some months back, I visited this decorative hardware and bath place in Fairfield, NJ, called Hardware Designs.  Trust me, you have never seen a showroom like this one.  A zillion faucets,  hundreds of sinks, accessories, and enough More

Anyone contemplating a home renovation today has to consider whether they will have a decent return on their investment.  Real estate values probably hit bottom earlier this year, and hopefully it will begin trending upwards in the not to distant future.  The question comes to mind just how much money should one invest in their kitchen and baths, or in replacement doors for that matter.  Will the dollars spent really add to the value of the home, and when does value count as opposed to personal pleasure.  I will tell you that More

Why does your front door, made of African mahogany look so miserable?  The answer is more simple than you realize.  The first question has to do with the exposure to the sun.  What direction does it face?  How large is the overhang, if any?  Just perhaps, you should have entertained a fibre glass door as opposed to wood.  How often did you re-stain your door?  Did you think it would take care of itself?  Hardware Designs in is the door business, along with all the coordinating hardware and hinges.  I will More

Complaint #1:  My toilet constantly runs.
Complaint #2:  My toilet is not efficient, and usually does not flush completely.
Complaint #3:  It is hard to find parts and once I do, the cost is prohibitive.
Complaint #4  My plumber’s charges seem unfair to me.

       I have been selling toilets here at Hardware Designs for over thirty years, and I can say without a doubt there have been substantial improvements in flushing technology.  Since 1991, I have been a proponent of Toto toilets.  The reasons for my advocacy of Toto More

Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ has door hardware to fit all tastes from leading mfg such as Baldwin, Omnia, Classic Brass, Nobilus, Rocky Mountain and many others. If it is Gothic you need they have it from Baltica, if it is french country you need not a problem they have designs from Bouvet and LB Brass if contemporary is your taste check out the designs from Omnia, and if you are on a budget check out the styles from Cifial Brass, Grandeur, Nostalgic and Emtek. If you can’t find the door hardware you need More

If you have a space issue and need something narrow, or without much depth, a pedestal sink may be the solution to your small bath problem.  If you feel that a vanity will overpower the room, and you don’t need or want the storage space, then consider the noble pedestal. Hardware Designs of Fairfield,NJ, has numerous designs available from many different manufacturers and importers, including: Barclay, Kallista, Kohler, Herbeau, St.Thomas, LeBijou, Stone Forest, Aquaware, Toto More

Replacing front door hardware is a pain in the butt–seriously.  I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ.  I took the 5 dollar tour of door hardware there, and was absolutely amazed and not to mention depressed by all the stuff I could have done had my builder given me the options in advance.  Hardware Designs gave me a form to fill in with my builder, which settled what was doable. I had to answer 10 zillion questions about hole location, door thickness, door composition, backset nonsense, etc etc  but once all that More

Who says soap pumps are a waste of money?  Who?  They work fine, and to go a step further,  they work great.  They keep your counter clear of ugly soap bottles, and they are just plain convenient! Soap pumps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and better yet, they come in every conceivable finish!  So, do you want the ugly bottle on the counter top or do you want to get real and admit they work, and work well?  Hardware Designs, NJ, has more soap pumps than they know More

There can be no doubt that the market has taken a decided step towards contemporary bath fittings and furniture.  This is not to say that traditional materials have fallen by the wayside.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, but contemporary, clean and architecturally clean lines havere-emerged from a long nap!  Lines such as Kueco, Duravit, and Sonia, have once again stepped into the limelight. Their approach to vanity design, while not radical, is certainly refreshing.  These European companies tend to favor wall mount vanities, but there are plenty of floor More

For those of you who can’t understand the delay with all Dornbracht deliveries, know this.  They are improving, on polished chrome anyway!Satin nickel (platinum matte) still is way into the future, and there are those lines that you won’t see until April or even next summer for that matter!  So, for now, polished chrome rules if you want Dornbracht perfection, and you will wait 4-8 weeks minimum.  I have Dornbracht in all of my bathrooms at home, and I can say this.  The stuff still  looks as good as new, and More

I recently stopped in at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ to look at kitchen sinks and I found some beautiful new sinks from Blanco in stainless steel and something called Silgranit, this material is great because you can get them in white, anthracite, biscuit, metallic grey, and cafe brown so it gives a lot more options than the standard stainless and fireclay sinks that are out there and the great thing about these sinks is that they are actually 80% granite which means they are heat resistant and scratch and stain resistant More


What price service?


In this day of instant everything, savings, or the perception of savings is just a mouse click away.  What began as a tool to ensure savvy shopping has now become a gladiator sport with just as many casualties.


When you swap More

When your completeting a room don’t forget to accessorize. Not accessorizing is like wearing a dress and heels and not doing your hair or putting on your makeup or  jewelry. Hardware Designs has great accessories. Towel bars, custom waste baskets, soap dispensers, lighting, cabinet hardware and do not forget switchplates. They come in different styles and finishes; and if you want to go all out Berebi has them with optional colored crystal. Have fun accessorizing. Check out Hardware Designs web site for other options or stop into our showroom. Let one of our assoicates More

Who wants to think about steam showers during the summer months? Probably nobody! You can bet that when the fall arrives, and you’re raking leaves, you will ask youself that while you where renovating your bath you should have entertained steam in the master shower. Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ specializes in bath renovation and all that it entails. From theromostatic valves and the volume controls, to body sprays and shower heads, be they from the wall or the deluge type from the ceiling, Hardware Designs has More

I moved to a townhouse a few weeks ago, and being your average  thirty something macho male, who doesn’t need an instruction manual, I elected to install a new shower valve cartridge all by my self!  Sure I am proud and I can do anything, right?  I, with all my amazing wisdom, decided to add other new shower materials.  A new shower head, an arm diverter, and a pulsing hand shower.  Yup, a new face lift for the tired, used for 20 years shower! Sounds easy right? WRONG!!!   In the middle More

That’s what I’ve been telling my three young boys who seem to think opening every door is a test of strength. The result…I have holes in the walls, indentations in my baseboard molding,  and even ruined door frames from the flimsy, ineffectual hinge-pin doorstops I’ve been sold.  I called a local hardware store who suggested I use those straight screw in doorstops that you put on the bottom of your door or More

So I thought I was saving money, buy purchasing a inexpensive 20″ x 36″ recessed medicine cabinet from my local big box store, the name of which I will leave to your imagination.  I did not consider looking around before this purchase, so I simply made a decision based on dollar value.  WRONG MOVE!!!  The cabinet is garbage, the hinges on the glass door are garbage, and basically I got what I paid for…..that being garbage.  I could not return it because I already installed it.  I shopped around and decided More

Showers ought to be an experiece. Most of us working fools have a long, intense day, and sometimes a relaxing shower makes our world a tad more peacefull and relaxing. I went to a company in Fairfield, NJ called Hardware Designs. I explained to them to the best of my ability, my desires. I had no clue what to do or how to do it! I got quite an education at Hardware Designs. I learned about flow rates, i.e. volume and pressure. I now More

Here at Hardware Designs, we are always searching for what is new and efficient when it comes to toilets.  We distribute Toto, Duravit, St. Thomas, Porcher, Kohler, and now Icera, one of the prime competitors of Toto.  For once, this is American owned and operated and primarily designed for the American market.  The new Icera line includes a duroplast soft close seat with quick release for easy cleaning.  All bolts are stainless steel for durability and stability.  Icera uses the new Hyperion Flushing system which virtually eliminates double flushing and clogging.  With precision More

They say that sometimes change is a good thing and while I don’t always subscribe to this theory in this instance I do. Over the last few years the decorative plumbing industry has been in a flux. With many companies either shutting down or having their products manufactured in China it has become very challenging to say the least. As the song goes the times are a changin and here at Hardware Designs we are changing things up also. At Hardware Designs we are always searching to find new and exciting More


One of life’s great pleasures is luxuriating in the steamroom I’ve installed in my home from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. While constructing a new granite walled shower in my home it occurred to me that it was the perfect time to equip it with a steam generator. Hardware Designs showed me two units, one from Mr. Steam and the other from Steamist. Both are reasonably priced and excellent products. Ultimately my selection was based on the More


So it’s 2:00 A.M. in the morning, and nature calls.  I flush my Toto toilet and give the toilet seat a light push in the downward direction. Ever so slowly it lowers to the rim of the toilet.  No boom, bang, or startled reaction from my spouse sleeping in the adjoining bedroom. Some months back, I visited an oustanding decorative More


I am in the process of building a home office, and there is quite a bit of custom woodwork being done, and it needs something of interest to perk up the design. Functionality is not a bad idea as well, I love leather, and always have, so I turned to the internet and began my search for leather cabinetware. Many sites referred me to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, and after paying them a visit, I was not disappointed. Lots and lots of selection More

Touchy subject for some, common place for others, the bidet, simply stated, is one a luxury for some and a must miss for others.  I wonder what the big deal is when many customers won’t even chat about it.  If you don’t have the room, and your body requires this marvelous invention, then convert your toilet to something even more functional than what it was designed for.  Several companies, Toto, Brondell, and Geberit lead the pack in design and function, and here at Hardware Designs, Brondell, and Toto are the mainstay.  Heated seats, More

Some faucet finishes, such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, are “living” finishes. A Living finish is a non-lacquered, unprotected finish that “changes” over time. The finish changes are caused by oxidation from the air, as well as soaps, even natural oils that could be on your hands when you turn faucets on and off. These changes can range from subtle lightening at the beginning to a more drastic change to lighter browns, golds, and even pink tones. The patina on these faucets are beautiful – if you like something “aging” before your More

Did you know that faucets today come in more finishes than there are ice cream flavors?  How about the basics, polished chrome or polished brass?  Well there is satin chrome, or satin brass, as well as antique brass or unlacqured brass, not to mention weathered brass, lux brass,  new aged brass, or matt brass.   How about gravelled brass, ever hear of that? THG of  France does that one.  Faucetry comes in polished nickel, satin nickel, pewter, antique nickel, dull nickel, or even hammered nickel.  How about silver, satin silver, hammmerd silver, antique silver or even matt silver?  More

I don’t know just how many of you reading this know what THG is and where it is made and why it is so expensive.  I made a purchase for my powder room today for a faucet that will ultimately wind up costing over $2000.00.  Yup,  I’m nuts.  Should never spend this kind of Do Re Me!  But, let’s put it this way.  Why not?!!  Kids are grown, mortgages are paid, and wine is an investment that I drink once and it is gone!  I walk into my powder room every More

Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ is happy to announce that we are now offering cabinet hardware from Sietto as well as RK International. These two lines join our impressive list of cabinet hardware from the leading manufacturers such as Baldwin, Omnia, Colonial Bronze, Classic Brass and many many more. Stop in or check out the website at www.hardware-designs.com or send questions to info@hardware-designs.com


Did you ever suffer from sconce fever? The definition is simple. Need lights to see your face in front of your sink!!! There are thousands of them in the market place, and more colors than you could know what to do with. I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ and found a way to eliminate my sconce fever! They had the right styles, the right price points, and the right finish to match my faucets—and jeez do they have faucets, bout 850 More

If you have to replace door hardware in your home, take note of the following. 1. Are your doors predrilled? If so, what is the diameter of the hole? If there is more than one hole, measure both diameters. 2. If your doors were predrilled what is the spacing in between the two holes. Measure this my drawing an imaginary horizontal line in the center of each hole, and measure the exact distance between these two lines. 3. If your doors are indeed More

In this economy it is difficult to think about renovating a kitchen. I was fighting with what I should do either complete gut renovation or a spruce up to get me through a couple more years. I finally decided on the spruce up. I went to Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ to look at new cabinet hardware and to say the least I was completely overwhelmed by the selection. They have cabinet hardware in all shapes sizes finishes and can fit them into any price range. I am so glad I went More

The nature of our struggling economy, has forced most companies to cut their inventories to the bare minimum.  It is true that there has been some light at the far end of this very long dark tunnel, but no one really understands whether the light is permanent or fleeting.  Factories and importers have reacted by cutting  the stock levels of raw goods as well as finished goods.  Importers who have reduced orders, have far more to loose.  It takes up to six months to get various products in a shipping position in More

I had a small space, and I really wanted a deep soaking bath, as I am in construction, and frankly, I ache at the end of the day. I called a designer who frequently sends me work, and she was kind enough to stop by a job site of mine with a pile of catalogs. Unfortunately nothing caught my eye or fancy. I thanked her, but I asked where to go for my research, and she immediately came up with a company in Fairfield, NJ, called Hardware Designs. More

When considering a new kitchen or a total redo of your current kitchen, why not consider a pot filler by your stove top.  It is both convenient and efficient.  When was the last time you filled a large  pot with water and had to carry it over to the stove.  It weighs a ton, water spills everywhere  and you could throwyour back out!  Pot fillers today are worth the bucks. Rohl, Dornbracht, Jaclo, Blanco and about a half dozen other factories offer various styles to compliment your kitchen designs.  Pricing is More


It’s that wonderful time of year. So hang those stockings or display your Menorah.

 But don’t forget to spruce up your home. Company is on its way.

 Change your Cabinet hardware, select from Omnia & Top Knobs.

Select a new kitchen faucet from Rohl or Elkay.

 Check your list. Susie wants a makeup mirror from Baci.

Johnny wants a heated towel warmer from Runtal or Vogue.

Ralph wants a steam shower from Thermasol.

Hardware Designs More

No one probably wants to think about steam showers during the summer months. But, with the onset of cold weather and the stiff, sore muscles brought on by skiing or just from clearing the snow off your walks, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t entertain a steam unit for your master bath shower while you were renovating. Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, specializes in bath renovation and all that it entails.  From thermostatic valves and volume controls, to body More


What happens when you have and “old” bathroom and want to give it a “new” look, but you’re not ready for a total renovation?  Well, we are very familiar with this picture! The tile looks good, but everything else is falling apart. The faucets are tarnished and the toilet does not flush properly. Let’s explore a recent situation.


I recently had a problem with my exposed shower system and unfortunately the manufacturer was no longer in business. I stopped in at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ to see if they could help me replace it without opening my walls. I figured it was a pretty simple thing to do but as I found out easy was far from the case. The existing shower was 5-1/2″ on center which the salesperson told me was not standard. After much searching my salesperson found a 1/2″ exposed thermostatic shower system from Samuel Heath More

Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, has a solution to any shower door issue that you have.  If it’s arched ceilings, curved walls, slanted roof lines, or anything odd that you could  dream up, there is a solution at Hardware Designs.  We offer 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″ glass, in numerous shades.  Be it plain or etched, clear or frosted, we have a selection and solution for you here in Fairfield, NJ.  Visit us online at www.hardware-designs.com or email us your questions at info@hardware-designs.com

What happens when you have to replace some old cabinetware no longer made?  The drilling in your wood is not standard, and the marks left from the old cabinetware are very noticeable!  There are some solutions to this problem.  You might be lucky enough to find a piece of cabinetware that you like with similar drilling, but since your hole configuration might be odd, you might consider a pull that has some adjustability.  Colonial Bronze of Torrington Ct. has various pulls that can accommodate your situation.  You might also consider using an More

On a recent weekday morning I met with a couple who were taking on the task of building a 21,000 square foot home in a very affluent area of northern New Jersey, the home  consisted of 9 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, butler pantry, maid’s quarters and various other rooms. When we first met they told me who the builder was and that he was not going to be involved in the selection process, this scared them as they had never built More

I stopped in at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ and found out about the latest in farmhouse sinks. The salesperson showed me the standard tired farmhouse sinks in white and biscuit colors and then he asked me if I wanted something out of the ordinary. Elkay has come out with farmhouse sinks and the one I was shown was in a terracotta color which matched my kitchen design perfectly. Thanks Hardware Designs for getting me exactly what I needed. Stop in or check out their website at www.hardware-designs.com or for questions contact them at More

Stone Forest, Link-A-Sink and Marmoles manufacture some of the most exquisite natural stone sinks on the planet. Amazing colors, subtle, naturally occurring patterns and all sorts of shapes and sizes. Hardware Designs has a great selection of them on display in their Fairfield, NJ showrooms. Suitable for either kitchen or bath applications, these sinks have tremendous eye appeal and their natural textures literally demand to be More




If you’re pressed for time in the morning and aren’t interested in playing More

Sure, the economy has been in a tailspin for quite some time, and this has had a negative effect on the building industry.  Decorative hardware certainly has suffered, along with decorative plumbing.  Custom doors sales have seen a dramatic decrease and I would say there are few categories in building industry that have not suffered.  Why the negative news about the past?  Simply stated, it is the past.  The future has finally and fortunately brightened!  Here lies the catch. Prices have been relatively stable for almost 18 months, and anyone with half More

Hardware Designs of Fairfield, NJ is proud to announce its entry into the exterior and interior door business.  With the economic fallout being severe for certain segments of the business, the owners of Hardware Designs find that the decorative door field wide open to make strides where other companies have fallen short.  According to one of the general partners, the talent is out there for the taking as many of the local door distributors have gone out of business, with high overhead and a weak market.  Hardware Designs has the infrastructure, More


What are the latest trends in bathrooms?  What does it cost to construct  or renovate a bath?  How do you find a contractor worthy of the job? Where should I go to see the most product, and where is the best place to make  my purchases?
All of the above questions are equally important. Let’s start with the first question–trends.  There can be no doubt that in the last two years, styles  have begun to move more towards a cleaner, simple look.  Some would call More

If you’re thinking a Farmhouse Sink means a bigger, deeper, utilitarian sink with all the appeal of a McCormick Reaper, you’re way off base. To be sure, most farmhouse styled sinks are somewhat deeper and larger, but for today’s style conscious homeowner, they’ve been dressed up in a great many ways. A wide range of materials is available and decorative front panels abound to tie your sink More

I went in to Hardware Designs, and couldn’t believe how much  Hardware they had on Display! Door Knobs for both the inside and outside of my house, including operable locking mechanisms for my pocket doors. I was able to get an entry set, mailslot, doorbell, and house numbers – all in the same finish! And their selection of Cabinet Hardware will blow you away. They have everything from very modern square and tubular pulls, to traditional pieces of art inlaid with Swarovski crystals. This is THE place to go for any sort More

What is a towel warmer.  Seems to me, that when you jump out of the shower, and your towel is warm—-for three nano seconds—that spending umpteen buckerooskies on this type of product can be sort of upsetting, unless, you understand the real function of a towel warmer.  The real deal is that this product dries your towels, so when you want to use it again after your bath or shower, your towel is dry, fresh, and not smelling like a mildewed closet!  Sure warm feels nice, but dry, well that is where More

It is probably time to buy a new front doors.  My home is in Morristown, N J, and was built 27 years ago.  At that time my builder custom built my front doors.  The base material was oak but he applied concentric cedar planking on both the right and left hand doors.  The two doors together made an rather simple but elegant pattern.  The roof overhang above these doors is rather minimal and since the doors face southeast, they do receive a rather large dose of sunshine.  Since, my builder never More

What can you say about Alchemy Glass, Gravity Glass, Bear Creek, Vitraform, Le Bijoux, Aviana, Hastings,and Decolav? All of the above is carried by Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ. You have to see all this stuff to believe it. I have all these brochures and now I have to make a decision. Glass sinks are not cheap, and some are certainly better made than others. My salesmen gave me all the points, and naturally, I fell “in like” with a carved Vitraform sink. More

If you’re looking for something a bit different in a kitchen or bathroom sink consider the line of bronze farmhouse kitchen sinks from Elite Bath. These uniquely designed sinks are available with a variety of different apron front styles. One of our customers, who with her husband enjoys collecting wines, stopped by recently and was entranced with a grape design motif in the classic bronze More

On a recent visit to Hardware Designs, in Fairfield I was floored by how much hardware they had on display! I was able to get an entry set, mail slot, doorbell, and house numbers – all in the same finish! Plus, door knobs and levers for both the interior and exterior of my home, including operable locking mechanisms for my pocket doors. Their selection of Cabinet Hardware is nothing short of astounding. Walls of it in every imaginable style More

America has always relied on either natural wood vanities with the basic wood tones, or the alternative of Thermafoil, a vinyl lookalike, with natural wood coloring.  While the ‘foils’ do indeed mimic wood, the more unusual color offerings are rarely used.  That is until now!  Some of the lines being offered at Hardware Designs, such as Sonia,  and Keuco, do indeed have some rather striking colors.  The European community has be awash in colors for many years, and America has been slow to catch on.  I would say that in the More

Hardware Designs is deeply saddened by announcing the passing of Charles-Chuck-Bianchi this past week.  He had just celebrated his 50th birthday!  Chuck was a key member of the HDI family, and his passing comes to us all as a supreme shock.  It can be said that he was a superb salesman, and close personal friend and mentor to many.  His loss has left a deep wound in many, as his sense of humor, understanding, and wit will be something we can not replace, nor do we care to.  As a co-owner, I feel this sense of loss, as Chuck was More



To say that I am part of the Hardware Designs Family, and have been for many years, is an understatement. It has been so long, and I am there so often that some of you probably think I work there. I More

I was in the market for a stone vessel sink when I walked into Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ and oh my god did I find stone sinks. Hardware Designs has stone sinks from Stone Forest, and Marmoles in every shape, and stone type. I purchased a beautiful zen style sink in black granite from Stone Forest and am totally in love with it. Thanks to Hardware Designs for showing me the way, and by the way I also found cabinet hardware in stone. Check out the website www.hardware-designs.com of for More

   Hardware Designs has been in the vanity business for a long time, and frankly, there is nothing that we can’t build for you.  No matter what your taste or color scheme is, let us create the vanity that suits your needs and budget.  If the color of wine is your desire, so be it.  If a 55.25″ wall mount vanity is part of your plans, we can build it.  Be your own architect, submit your thoughts, and a price for construction of that exact piece will be delivered in a More

My dear clients.
> It is with great sadness that I write to you today, to inform you of
> the passing of my dear friend & colleague, Chuck Bianchi.
> The only detail that I have at this point is that Chuck apparently
> died in his sleep,
> sometime on Thursday April 8th.  He was 50 years old.
> Most of you had the pleasure of meeting Chuck at Hardware Designs,
> where he worked as a head More

Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ has the hot new faucet from Dornbracht called the Supernova. It is really hot looking, it is a new contemporary design sleek with angular lines and it comes in a new finish called champagne check it out in person or on the web at www.hardware-designs.com or for information info@hardware-designs.com   

One thing is for sure, showers are not great for your outdoor plans, but showers are of super importance to your indoor plans!  If you are redoing your bathroom, or planning new construction, Hardware Designs truely understands showers, perhaps even storms!  From thermostatic valves and volume controls, to deluge shower heads, hand showers, body sprays,  and steam generators, Hardware Designs of Fairfield,NJ makes indoor weather happen!  Bring in your plans, bring in your ideas, bring in an open mind, and let’s explore the possibilities together.  Our working shower displays are the More

Here at Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ we can accomodate anyones taste when it comes to bath design this was proven recently when I had a client come in dressed in complete leopard print looking for something different. She picked out a contemporary style vanity from  Vanity Flair which was easy to choose but then her  eyes lit up when she saw a glass vessel sink from Alchemy called the classic burst. She then walked around our showroom and was amazed to see a faucet on display that appeared to have a More

In the kitchen, you have to make the choice as to which type of material you want to use for a sink.  Cast iron, fire-clay, quartz resin, corian, copper, or stainless steel are the prime candidates, and I am sure I am missing a few, but 95% of our sales today are stainless.  Whether you want to go cheap and use 20 gauge, or upgrade to 18 gauge or even better yet, 16 gauge, stainless is by far and away what  most kitchen designers are specifying.  Sure farm sinks continue to be popular, but More

I’ll admit I’m partial to a coordinated look in my decorating projects. I was deep into searching for new kitchen cabinet hardware, and had seen some beautiful offerings at Hardware Designs, in Fairfield, NJ, from Edgard Berebi, Providence, Mrs. H and several other companies, yet nothing seemed like exactly what I was looking for. Then, my salesperson at Hardware Designs – a truly amazing source for all types of hardware, not to mention, bath, kitchen, lighting, More

If you haven’t been to our showroom recently, a lot of change has taken place. Watermark Faucets are now on display. A versatile line of both modern and traditional styles in a variety of finishes, this Brooklyn Based, US made faucet company is quickly becoming very popular with the consumer. With designs from simple to ornate, there is something in the line to suit every taste.

In cabinet hardware, Schaub hardware is now on display. This unique line of cabinet hardware offers pieces not available through other companies. More

I recently had a client come in to our showroom, Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ looking for a kitchen sink that was different and  had a unique designs feature. I showed her a bronze farmhouse kitchen sink from Elite Bath which has different apron front styles to choose from. My client loved the apron front with a grape design as she and her husband are wine collecters. I then showed her the designs available for the bath which she also loved. By the time we were finished she purchased the farmhouse More

I spent the last few weeks researching   for the bath renovation i am about to undertake.  This project is long overdue, and I have be told to visit  numerous showrooms here in NJ, none of which remotely interested me in terms of display or staff—-that is except for one.  Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. This place is a mind blower!  You walk through the door and are assaulted with more stuff, from tubs to faucets, accessories, to toilets, door hardware to hinges, and kitchen stuff that is endless, not to mention 8000 More

I have holes in the walls. holes in my baseboard molding,  and even ruined door frames from the dumb hinge-pin stops I was sold.  I called a local hardware store and they told me to use those so-called straight stops that you put on the bottom of your door or on the molding….just what I wanted to get away from!  I have a beautiful home with 3 young boys who open doors with a vengeance.  Bang, door knobs pushed directly  through the sheet rock or one more busted molding .  I went More

Lets just say you are looking for cabinetware that is a “tad different!” Hardware Designs in Fairfield,NJ has more stuff than you could shake a stick at!Twigs, leaves, horns, frogs, golf balls, socks, watering cans, asparagas, pine cones, ropes, leathers, snails, shells, gargoyles, geckos, trains, crystals,stones, tennis rackets, baseballs, pliers, turtles, ships, screwdrivers, cars, and you name it….ya got the picture. Knobs and pulls of any configuration, and even more amusing is all the finish availabilities. If you want to spend just a couple More

Yes, it does exist.  I have various issues with purchasing product made in other parts of the world.  Be it the Orient or Europe, American jobs are at stake.  So, if given the choice, I would prefer product produced right here in good old America!  When I visited Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ. the sales rep there carefully walked me around the myriad of selections they proudly displayed.  These products were from just about everywhere.  China, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, and  yes, America as well. It became very obvious that my sales More

Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ, has elected to expand the Gessi Collection at their showroom location on New Dutch Lane. For those of you who don’t know the Gessi line,  it is renowned for crisp and clean contemporary lines and excellent performance.  The Italian designs are outstanding, and the facility in Northern Italy is world class.  I have had the pleasure to pay this factory a visit, and all I can say is that it ranks up there with the best.  There are certainly many competing lines, such as THG or More

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I had been searching for kitchen cabinet hardware in stone when I went into Hardware designs in Fairfield NJ. I looked at many different companies such as Edgar Berebi, Providence, Mrs H and others when the salesperson gave me a great idea, why not match my knobs to my countertops. We sent a sample to Art in Stone and they made my cabinet hardware into the style I liked to match my counters. Thank You Hardware Designs for the great idea. Check them out on the web at www.hardware-designs.com or for More

I have custom made stained glass clear story windows in my home and below this are a long bank of cabinet doors and drawers.  I thought it would be easy to pick up these colors in some cabinetware.  I searched the internet until my fingers bled!  I could not find anything that I was imagining.  Finally, I found a company called Tema.  This company specialized in recylced glass cabinet knobs!  Colors galore, and most definitely different that anything I have seen.  I gave them a buzz, and the sent me to More

Per my next door neighbor, in the throes of kitchen renovation, Hardwawe Designs in Fairfield, NJ has literally 10’s of thousands of ideas for cabinetware.  You name the finish, you name the style, and you name the price point, they have something for  you.  Not just in a catalog mind you, but up front and personal, on display, and literally “up the wazzoo!”  I could not believe my eyes when I was escorted past the hundreds and hundreds of faucets, and entered the section that displayed all the knobs, pulls, appliance More

Hardware Designs of Fairfield NJ is really digging into the decorative door business.  They have been selling a trillion different locks over the years, and it seem a natural progression for them to finally offer quality doors.  So many door distributors are history because of the economic slump in the building industry, and someone had to step up to the plate.  As a builder, I needed the source for both the door and door hardware together.  It was always hard for me to coordinate the specifics of the drilling with the requirements of the More

More and more, people are using traditional furniture pieces in non-traditional ways in their bathrooms. However, not all antique and vintage furniture is suitable for conversion to plumbing.  The most important things to consider are strength and durability, With an old or vintage cabinet, for example, you have to be sure it’s sturdy enough to hold the sink and faucets and that it will hold up in terms of water and also, that it can house the plumbing comfortably. Most antique pieces are not made for exposure to steam and water. However, More

Did not know where to go. Did not know what I needed. Did not know who to talk to. Was clueless about all bath products. I did know that my shower floor was rotting away, and leaking downstairs. You might say I had a problem. I was directed to Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ by my contractor, who I believe just might have been clueless as well!!! (not a good sign) I was wrong! He sent me to the right folks. More

I was looking for new bathroom fixtures when I strolled into Hardware Designs in Fairfield NJ, once there I had the most knowledgeable salesperson who showed me all the latest gadgets and gizmos for the bathroom, but what really blew me away was a toilet by Toto that is the coolest thing I a have everseen if a toilet can be cool. It was the Neorest, the thing that makes this cool is that other than sitting you don’t touch the toilet the lid opens and closes by itself and it More

I have always wondered who came up with the term “hardware?” It is such a general term for a truly vast array of products.  It can represent everything from nuts and bolts to door knobs, door levers, door stops and cabinetware, as well as hinges and front door hardware to name just a few!  At Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ, we strive to make Hardware–Easyware!  We know how to sell and service the many diverse products we carry, and we More